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Hello everyone. I’ve been busy (and unmotivated), so I haven’t really made guides in a while. I know it’s only two, but I plan on making more in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and today makes one month since this site was opened. :)

(August 23) Easy Hair – 2013
(August 23) Easy Makeup – 2013

Four new guides have been added to the site. Now there are 10 guides total on the site!

Click below on any of these links to see the new guides.

Average Appearances – 2013
Petite Appearances – 2013
Plus Appearances -2010
Average Appearances – 2010

Makeup – Easy/Intermediate

Welcome to emmastyle.org! My name is Annie, and I’ve been working hard the past few days to get this site up.
Well, my work has paid off because the site is now open! And not only that…there are 4 new guides!



(2014 < Vogue Paris Foundation Party in Paris) Plus Style – 2014 Appearances
(2014 < Vogue Paris Foundation Party in Paris) Average Style – 2014 Appearances
(2014 < Vogue Paris Foundation Patty in Paris) Petite Style – 2014 Appearances


(Appearances < 2014 < Elle Style Awards) Advanced Makeup

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